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Welcome to our Gallery of Featured Art
Click on a bronze to see a larger view.
All measurements are given height first, then width and include the black walnut base.
email:  pamelah@midrivers.com for information on any bronze or to order your favorites.

Breathin' is Believin' by Pamela Harr
8” high x 4” x 3”  ED 200  $1500
A sculptural tribute to Cody Dieruf
Proceeds to go to: The Cody Dieruf Benefit Foundation for Cystic Fibrosis
"Taps” 150 Years
by Pamela Harr

The first casting has been installed in Harr Hall, Ft. Benning, Georgia
A tribute to the 150 Year Celebration of its origin during the Civil War
Soldier 6” high  Ed  500    $850
Visit these interesting sites for the history of “Taps”
Music in History-- Blowing Taps
Rocky Mountain Vista by Harvey Rattey
Rocky Mountain Vista
by Harvey Rattey
16 x 23  Ed 24  $6,500


The Check Is In the Mail by Harvey Rattey

The Check Is In the Mail by Harvey Rattey
6.5 x 14   Ed 200   $995


Ground Tied by Pamela Harr

Ground Tied by Pamela Harr
10 x 8 x 3.5   Ed 200  $950

Shutin' the Gate by Harvey Rattey
Shutin' the Gate by Harvey Rattey
13 x 20 x 9  $3,200

Above the Timberline by Harvey Rattey
Above the Timberline by Harvey Rattey
10 x 14 x 3  $1,450

Shifting Wind  by Harvey Rattey
Shifting Wind by Harvey Rattey
23 x 26 x 11  $6,900
Shifting Wind - Award Winner at both Sioux Falls, SD and Watertown, SD shows in 2006.

Racing the Wind by Harvey Rattey
15 x 29 x 10  $4,900

The Blind Gate
The Blind Gate by Harvey Rattey
20 x 23 x 10  $5,900

Also called:
The Let Down Gate

The Yellowstone Connection by Harvey Rattey
The Yellowstone Connection by Harvey Rattey
24 x 26 x 11  $4,100

SOLD OUT Edition

Carrousel by Pamela Harr
Carrousel by Pamela Harr
12 x 10  $3,000

Deadwood Stage by Harvey Rattey
Deadwood Stage by Harvey Rattey
42 x 18 x 10
SOLD OUT Edition

Glory by Harvey Rattey
Glory by Harvey Rattey
7 x 10 x 5  $850 bronze edition
8 x 4 x 3 miniature bronze $395
The U.S. Pentagon has ordered a pewter edition.  We are pleased to offer our customers their choice of this magnificent sculpture cast in a limited edition of either bronze or pewter mounted on a black walnut base

Chatterbox by Pamela Harr
Chatterbox by Pamela Harr
9 x 9 1/2 x 4  $950

Sacajawea by Pamela Harr
Sacagawea by Pamela Harr
13 x 15 x 5  $2,900

Monday's Wash by Pamela Harr
Monday's Wash by Pamela Harr
9 x 9 1/2 x 4  $1,200

Lewis & Clark Expedition Gallery
1805 - 1806
Limited edition bronze sculptures series of five.

Lolo Crossing by Harvey Rattey
14" x 11" x 3"  Ed 300  $995
"Lolo Crossing" depicts the arduous journey over the Bitterroot mountains in the fall of 1805.

A Breath Away From Disaster
by Harvey Rattey

14" x 12" x 3" Ed 300 $995
"A Breath Away from Disaster" portrays the mishap on May 14, 1805, when one of their boats was swamped and nearly capsized on the Missouri River.  Sacagawea rescued many of the vital supplies that floated overboard including the expedition's compass.

The Reunion by Harvey Rattey
14" x 3" x 3"  Ed 300 $995
Greatly enhancing the success of the expedition, the third bronze depicts the fortuitous reuniting of Sacagawea with her brother which enabled Lewis & Clark to obtain horses for the trek over the mountains.  This touching moment depicted in "The Reunion", portrays Sacagawea giving her traditional Indian greeting by throwing a blanket around her brother.

Claiming the Kill
by Harvey Rattey
14 x 8 x 3  Ed 300  $995
The expedition ran into many aggressive grizzly bears throughout their trek, especially in Montana. With no fear of humans, these ferocious animals often challenged the hunters for the game that was killed.

Whale Creek Landing by Harvey Rattey
7 x 14 x 4  Ed 300  $995
5th in our Lewis & Clark Series, a giant Blue Whale's body had been reported washed up on the beach. Captain Clark writes that "Sacagawea is eager to go with the party to see the 'great waters'. She has traveled a long distance and she wants to see the ocean and the enormous fish that live there. She is given permission to go." On January 6, 1806 Clark set out with several of the men and Sacagawea in two canoes to see the whale with the hopes of obtaining blubber. When they arrived much to their dismay, the bones of the enormous 100 foot long creature were stripped bare. They were able to trade several knives with the Indians for 300 lbs of blubber which they hauled the 35 miles back to their winter quarters at Fort Clatsop.

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